Cloud-Based POS Restaurant (Per Month 1 Outlet + 1 Register )

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CISePOS Restaurant, it's unmatchable

Cloud Restaurant POS Solution is designed to let you plan your production based on orders while reducing inventory wastage & pilferage. It’s time to upgrade your basic POS System to the intelligent CISePOS—It works offline too!

Personalized URL

The unique web address for created for your business.

Customizable menu

Create a menu in minutes. You can also add or remove items anytime.

Order management

Offer smart services to visitors.

Dine-in, take away, and delivery

Process each order in CISePOS by assigning it to the waiter or rider.

CISePOS offline mode

No interruption in selling even if there is no internet connection.

Customer data management

Keep track of customer’s information and purchase history.

Flexible payments

Customers can use a credit card, debit card, or cash for payments.

Real-time reporting

You can get perfectly defined reports to have clear business insights.

Tableside management

You can deal & manage your customers with satisfactory services.

Powerful menu management

Add Photo & description to each food item for smooth order processing.

Multiple product variants control

Add multiple products, toppings & sizes as per customer’s demand.

Powerful dashboard

Easily manage profitability with detailed graphs on daily performance.

Refunds and discounts

Refund, taxes, deals & discounts, or tips, all can be managed perfectly.